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Entrepreneurial Thinking Mindset

Entrepreneurial Thinking is one of the most important skills company need in today’s world. 

Is being innovative, creative, resilience, and adaptable relevant only for the entrepreneurs?  

At Coach Hauz Academy, we believe in driving the application of Intrapreneurship with companies that encourages entrepreneurial and growth mindset at workplace, to continue to innovate and stay ahead of emerging trends and opportunities.  

"So how do we identify and learn about  Entrepreneurial Thinking Mindset?"

Join our unique game based workshops with our master facilitators to experience and understand entrepreneurial thinking mindset,

as well as practice and build new skills.  

Including proactiveness, effective communication, collaboration, creativity and more!!!

About the Workshop

Simulation through gamification to experience the importance of entrepreneurial mindset, mindset change and about abundance resources moments. It is a fun and insightful workshop that changes the way the participants view concepts like collaboration, creativity, innovation, think win-win, proactive communication and more.

Participants will experience a shift on how they think and operate, and also, give you and your team a complete refresh of mindset.

Team work-bro.png

The workshop concludes with taking a deeper look at the game dimensions and how they specifically relate to life and business, breaking down old beliefs and ideas, and then presenting new game-changing ways to think and act in business.



Learn more about Entrepreneurial Thinking Mindset and FreshBiz through this video!


  1. Option 1: 1.0 - 2.0 days immersive workshop

  2. Option 2: 0.5 - 1.0 day team building workshop

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