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TTI SI Certification Course

Why TTI SI Certification ?

TTI SI is the first company to develop and market personalize report on DISC model, and have been awarded four U.S. patents including one for brain research, which validates our self-reporting assessments are highly consistent with brain responses. Ensuring the accuracy of the TTI SI assessment tools.

Most Suitable for :



 Build a better understanding of the work environment.


Junior Manager 

Effectively transit from Staff to management role.

Senior Executive

Improve self-awareness, leadership and management skills.

What You Will Get

  1. TTI SI US DISC certification

  2. Knowledge to interpret the natural and adapted behavior style of 4 DISC dimensions.

  3. Opportunity to work and communicate with people throughout the courses from different background and DISC style

  4. Benefit of applying DISC and motivator knowledge to your human skills in the industry.

Course Outline


  1.  Online video learning

  2. Complete assessment


  1.  ODISC/EQ theory & Application

  2. MOT Theory &
    Case Study


  1.  Complete online video

  2. Submit audio debrief report


  1. Notify exam result

  2. Certification

Application DISC and motivators

Self-Awareness and career planning

Interpersonal communication and collaboration

Interpret team effectiveness

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