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    Fresh Minds

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    "Fresh Minds" lays the foundation and framework for developing a new mindset. This is where it all begins. And during this 60-90 minutes of game play, participants must work together, communication, and be creative, in order to overcome challenges and win the game as a team.


    This immersive experience gives immediate reflection on how people play business in real life. It also demonstrates what's possible when we choose to play with a fresh mindset and let go of old beliefs which no longer serve us. The debriefing generates a world of new insights, and participants leave with effective action items on reviewing their own potential, and the strength of their team.


    "Fresh Minds" is sometimes used as a stand-alone session for bigger groups of up to 300 people.

    Fresh Skills

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    "Fresh Skills" turns the first session's insights into real muscle memory. This is the distinction between understanding something and actually having the proper skills to do it.


    The new model of hyper-collaboration and resource-mapping is revolutionary. And the specially designed 60 minutes game which follows, let participants work the skills of understanding their strengths, as well as those of their surround team members, so expansive communication now possible for everyone.


    The debriefing reflects on what worked, what skills still need to be worked on, and how to set upcoming team meetings to continue perfect practice together.