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One of the most important skill need today. The application of Lean Intrapreneurship with Growth Mindset to Innovate and drive Improvement

Entrepreneur Thinking Mindset

What is FreshBiz ?

FreshBiz is a game-based business simulation experience that will spark the realization of an entrepreneur mindset within the organization. It is fun and engaging at the same time insightful to inspire participants to reach that “A-Ha”Excitement, Breaking enterprise inertia that self-limit potentials.


It is designed to teach players about entrepreneurship, innovation, and business skills through various challenges and opportunities related to starting and running a business. Encouraging players to think creatively, take risks, and collaborate with one another to achieve success using gamify methodology.

Awakening your values and skills

Our game-based workshop is a fun and insightful event that changes the way the participants view concepts like




think win-win

proactive communication

and more.

You will experience a shift on how you think and operate. The game-based workshop are revolutionary designed and will give you and your team a complete refresh of mindset.

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Client's Feedback



"I enjoy my experience with the OSG,  thank you to Lilly Wong and the team for hosting the FreshBiz board game. Main takeaway from the game is to help one another to win in the game of life!"


"It is an eye-opening experience. It help me to take on a different approach for a better achievement."

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