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Coach  Hauz  Academy

Established in 2019 in Singapore and China, with a corporate vision to:

facilitate talent development through a series of blended yet  impactful experiential learning programs for Business Leaders and Corporate Executives.

What  We Do

Step 1: Our Programs  include interplay of experiential  learning,  games, case studies and many  more.

Business Meeting

Step 2: We further enhance and enable growth and development through consulting, facilitating and coaching.

Our Belief

Learning to

The most effective way to LEARN is through authentic, engaging experiences that leaves one with deep memories and wanting more. Coach Hauz Academy provide this experience through games and experiential learning.

1. Games are entertaining, exciting, and create a deep sense of involvement, while bringing to mind a variety of ideas and dilemmas. Above all, game-playing promotes exploration without fear of mistakes and criticism.

2. Experiential learning provide more in-depth understanding of real-life situation and make learning relatable, increases engagement and understanding, and has higher memory retention.

Our Focus

Talent Development Program


Desire to grow and improve is a powerful and intrinsic motivator that comes from within.  
Self Awareness allows individuals to gain insight of themselves, their motivations and desire to grow


Create a supportive and empowering ecosystem that enables individuals to reach their full potential.   Coaching is a powerful tool and through holistic approach, including coaching, self-awareness and practical skills development to reach new height and potential.


Entrepreneurial Thinking is one of the top skill to learn in today’s world.  We advocate the application of Lean Intrapreneurship with Growth mindset to Innovate and drive improvement. Building new skills and new mindsets.

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Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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