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Swimming Coach that Can't swim

Coaching vs Training

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Sherm Chavoor was a swimming coach from the United States. He notably coached Olympic swimmers Mark Spitz, Debbie Meyer and Mike Burton, and many more. Under his coaching, America earned 31 Olympic medals, 21 gold, and 7 of which were won by legendary swimmer Mark Spitz, arguably the greatest athlete of all time prior to Michael Phelps.

He was named Coach of the Year by the American Swimming Coaches Association in 1968. He was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1977. He was a coach for the USA's Olympic Swimming teams in 1968 and 1972.

Sherm Chavoor revolutionized the sport with a training program in which he pushed his students to swim twice as far, twice as long as anyone else. He had the ability to make anyone believe that they could be a champion through shear determination and hard work. Sherm was able to take all the neighborhood children inspire them and turn them into champions. His program grew and its reputation proceeded. It received the attention of 18 year old swimmer, Mark Spitz who wanted the opportunity to train under the leadership of Sherm. Through Sherm’s rigorous workouts and one of a kind coaching style he lead his swimmers on a path towards excellence.

Impressive huh ...

Sherm Chavoor got an unusual habit. Whenever, his team is close to winning the swim, he will sneak and leave the competition site. He doesn't celebrate the wins with his swimmers.

It may been seems impossible and unheard of, such an astonishing swim coach, Sherm can't swim !!! Yes ... it is right Sherm can't swim.

So what give him the knowledge to coach his swimmers to fame and named Coach of the Year by theAmerican Swimming Coaches Associationin 1968.


Sherm was able to motivate his swimmers and keep them focus on their potentials, determination and not simply their skill.

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