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Leadership Styles by

Daniel Goleman's


Daniel Goleman believes that there are six distinct leadership styles.

Each of them can be useful depending on the context and desired outcome.


Goleman is best know for his work on emotional intelligence.

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Leadership Skill is fundamental skill needed in the workplace.

In his book Leadership that Gets Results, Daniel Goleman describes six different types of leadership. Each type is based on a component of emotional intelligence. These style are compatible and best leaders are able to use elements of each style to best adapt to the situation at hand.

1. Authoritative Leadership Style is based on discipline.

Pros: Very effective under emergency or extremely complex situation where precise and concrete decision are necessary.

Cons: Doesn't develop motivated and proactive team. People tends to feels like a machine.

2. Democractic Leadership Style takes everyone's opinions into consideration.

Pros: Effective under a cross functional team environment where different disciplines overlaps.

Cons: Usually means lots of meetings, debates and discussions.

3. Affiliative Leadership Style is based on creating bonds between team members.

Pros: Leaders ensure good working environment so that team members can work in a harmoniously.

Cons: Usually face lack of disciplines and may be emotionally affected when conflicts arised.

4. Visionary Leadership Style motivates t he team with clear and exciting vision. They are also clear of their role within the vision.

Pros: Everyone got a clear picture of their role and vision.

5. Pace-setting Leadership Style focus on setting a course of action and make sure everyone stick to it. It is commonly known as "Lead by Example"  

Pros: Especially effective when the pacer is an expert.

Cons: Paces are set by the pacer, it may be setting the limit of the team.

6. Coaching Leadership Style helps members of the team to find their strength and weakness to reach their potentials.

Pros: Develop potential talents.

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