LMAP English Test is an online assessment that uses professional and global communication content to evaluate the English-language proficiency of non-native speakers, providing proof of test takers’ English proficiencies in a real-world setting.


    LMAP 乐迈测评是个线上英文测评 拥有国际专业测评认证 为母语非英文的人 打造的一个以国际普遍的英文标准的测评工具。

    1. It is progressive - Using artificial intelligence based on multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions 它是进阶性,通过AI运用多选题与填空的考题模式 进行的。


    2. It is reliable - LMAP is a CEFR 10-level test that measures in greater details than over academic and workplace assessments. 可靠测评 - LMAP 乐迈是个CEFR-10级的测评。


    3. Scores and Feedback - LMAP provides you with instant scores and feedback upon completion.

    考分与反馈 - LMAP 乐迈能标准的测试 学校体制 企业与国际 英文沟通标准的定义。您的考分可在完成测评后马上得到。


    4. LMAP is fully responsive and accessible on all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. LMAP乐迈 可在所有的电子工具 包含手提平板,电脑,手提电脑,手机等


    看以下为您收集的常见问题 如果需要更多帮助 联系我们家的小助手 叮叮 来解答


    1. Where do I go to take LMAP assessment?


    You can purchase the LMAP assessment by contacting us. LMAP is an online assessment tools, you need an electronic device (mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop) and you can do the assessment anywhere anytime.

    2. How long is the assessment?


    LMAP is a progressive adaptive test, it will assess your highest level of knowledge while you are answering the questions. The assessment will terminate when your level is determined. Therefore, the time doing the assessment is dependable on your English level. It ranges from 10mins to 70mins. The more proficient the longer you take to do the assessment.


    3. When will I know the test result?


    As soon as you complete the assessment, the result will be given instantaneously.


    4. When will I received my test certification?


    Electronics copy will be sent to your email upon completion of assessment, along with a feedback on your result.


    5. How do I prepare for the assessment? Do you have past year questions?


    LMAP is an English Proficiency Test with highly test-taker friendly interface, we do not need you to prepare the LMAP test. As questions are generated electronically, there are no past year questions for revision purpose.


    6. What are the test skill availability?


    The 4-skill test will test your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing proficiencies. Currently LMAP had successfully introduce the 2-skill assessment - Listening and Reading. The 4-skill tests will be launch in Dec 2020.


    7. I am interested to do the assessment, where should I connect with?


    Speak to our consultant for further discussion.


    For more questions, please feel free to contact us as follows


    email : info@coach-hauz.com

    contact: +86 139 1748 4822 or +65 8877 8922