• Coach Hauz Academy


    CHA is a leading learning and development company specializing in Entrepreneurial Thinking.


    We believe that the current rapid changing global business environment demands

    new ways of transforming and enhancing corporate human resources.


    The current workforce are not adequately equipped with the

    creativity, innovative mindset as well as the communication skills for

    company to achieve long-term success.


    CHA's Entrepreneurial Thinking Method will strength your workforce's creativity,

    communication and collaborative capabilities.


    We achieve these goals through an interplay among

    gamification, case studies and research-backed curriculum.


    We partner with world-class entrepreneurial game developers and

    consultants to bring the best-of-class learning & development solutions to you.


  • Lilly Wong

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    Lilly Wong

    Executive Director

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    Ashley Zhao

    Business Development

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    Gloria Pan

    Program Specialist

  • Our Community Partners

    OSG Youth Alliance

    Coach Hauz Academy shares OSG’s passion on globalizing youth through growth and development activities. OSG Youth Alliance, a Singapore-based social enterprise with activities and presence in Singapore and China will partner with us on youth outreach programs in South East Asia and China, enriching them on being global-minded, resilient and entrepreneurial for a new future


    Highlights of activities includes;

    1. Talks and Forum
    2. Travel and Hackathons
    3. Internship and Mentoring programs
    4. Cultural awareness.